Luxury Country & Padel Resort

Villa Turri

Discover Tuscany: nature, adventure, sport, taste!

Do you want to experience and discover Tuscany? Villa Turri Luxury Country & Padel Resort is a unique place where you can enjoy unforgettable experiences because it has been designed specifically for our guests. The following are just some of the proposals available designed to help you get to know and experience Tuscany . We are always developing new services stimulated by the passions and interests of our guests.


SPA & Fitness

Shiatsu & Macrobiotic

The fundamental principle of the Shiatsu approach is to find the balance of the body energy. Villa Turri offers its guests the chance to have a Shiatsu practitioner at their disposal, in a very exclusive venue: the private memorial park, declared artistic and naturale heritage of the Garfagnana valley.
To let its guests enjoy this experience to the fullest, Villa Turri proposes a dinner with a macrobiotic menu, cooked by the chef with the advice of the Shiatsu practitioner.

SPA & Palestra in Villa

Villa Turri Luxury Country Resort combines the ancient beauty of the Tuscan countryside and the elegance of the historical buildings. The Villa offers a private fitness centre, set up in a room with stone walls. Thanks to the stone walls, it will be pleasant to train in a fresh atmosphere, admiring at the same time the Garfagnana valley through the glass wall.
A professional personal trainer in the mornings will guide guests in ‘muscle awakening’ in the historic park and can also accompany them in private workouts in the beautiful stone gym. 
The SPA area has a whirlpool bath and an outdoor swimming-pool, surrounded by statues and with a breathtaking view on the memorial park, declared artistic and natural heritage of the Garfagnana valley.
To enhance the wellness experience of its guests, Villa Turri offers them a wide range of invigorating and relaxing massages. The team of qualified phisiotherapists are at the guests’ disposal to give them moments of pure relax. For those who love revitalising massages, Villa Turri offers the chance to have a massage done by a qualified chiropractor.



Pony rides for children, riding lessons

The Tuscan countryside is worth discovering and Villa Turri offers its guests the best ways to do it. For example, riding through the Garfagnana valley with a guide who speaks your language.
It is also possible to organise some riding lessons – both individual and group lessons and, for the children, it is possible to discover the memorial park of Villa Turri riding a pony.

Tennis: play with past Italian Champions

Villa Turri offers its guests a series of tennis courts, immersed in the Garfagnana countryside. An instructor can then follow guests with individual lessons or in small groups.
If guests wish to put themselves to the test, we also arrange matches with past champions of Italian tennis.

Padel: play with the Spanish champions

The Villa has a newly built regulation Padel court. The court overlooks the Vallata, located in a green corner not far from the swimming pool. Perfect lighting makes it possible to play also in the evening. An instructor can follow guests with individual lessons or in small groups. For those who want to test themselves, we organise matches with the current Spanish champions.

Panoramic golf and private lessons

Villa Turri offers its guests a green with a panoramic view of the valley. The green has 20 holes and blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The green is about 3 km away and is outside the Villa.
Individual or group golf lessons can be organised.



Excursions in the Wind Cave

A few kilometers far from Villa Turri there is the famous Grotta del Vento (wind cave), which is renowned for the air flows generating inside it. There are two types of excursions – the first one is a 1-hour excursion ideal for families, the second one is a 3-hour excursion ideal for caving amateurs who will have the chance to visit the entire cave and admire its powerful beauty

Caving professionals will guide the guests, showing them the hidden treasures of the cave in perfect safety.


The Garfagnana valley is rich in adventures. Not far from Villa Turri , in fact, there is the highest natural wall in the world, another attraction that Villa Turri is glad to offer to its guests who love climbing. Also beginners can enjoy this experience, thanks to the help of professional instructors speaking several languages.

Mountain Bike – E-bike – Quad

Villa Turri offers its guests the chance to visit the surrounding area as well as the private memorial park by bike. Moreover, for those who love the adventure, it is possible to hire professional mountain bikes, e-bike and to organise excursions with an instructor who speaks several languages. At Villa Turri, there are some quads at the guests’ disposal. Both adults and children can visit the park on the quad in perfect safety.




Villa Turri organises mycology lessons for its guests who want to discover the secrets of the mushrooms world, a very important side of the life in the Garfagnana valley. Then, it will be possible to go in the wood and to find mushrooms, putting into practice the lesson learned thanks to the mycology expert (who also speaks several languages).
Then, for dinner, the found mushrooms will be cooked by the guests themselves or by the chef with a show cooking session. The guests taking part to the mycology lessons will receive a certificate of attendance.


Villa Turri offers its guests who love fishing – both experts and beginners – the chance to fish in the breathtaking scenery of the Garfagnana nature. It is possible to fish in the Garfagnana rivers, rich in trout, with an expert fisherman teaching the guests this real art. Then, the caught fish will be cooked for dinner at the Villa Turri with the help of the chef.




Private helicopter transfers

Flying above the Garfagnana valley on a private helicopter offers the unequalled emotion of seeing things from a different perspective. This is possible thanks to our professional pilot, who speaks several languages and who will bring the guests everywhere they want!

Transfer of Magic and Madness

It is possible to book private helicopter transfers for example to go to Monte Carlo and return to the Villa in the evening, or to take a dive in Capri, wine and food tasting and then return to the Villa.

Vintage cars and motorcycles

It is possible to hire vintage cars and motorbikes to visit the Tuscan countryside, choosing among 40 available motirbikes and cars. A professional pilot – ex rally champion- speaking several languages will follow the guests on another motorbike or car, guiding them at the discovery of the Garfagnana valley.